Amazing’s Shit Talking Frenzy Confirms He Is The Saltiest Player in Europe

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider may well be the most successful German League of Legends player of all time, but the current Origen jungler appears to be incapable of speaking about the professional scene without spraying salt upon the audience. In a recent interview with Red Bull, Amazing revelled in the opportunity to vent his frustrations at every target presented to him, his comments left an unpalatable salty taste on the tip of the tongue.

Slightly less than a year ago, Amazing and his Origen teammates were greeted by a standing ovation from a capacity Brussels crowd ahead of their Worlds Semifinal tie. How the mighty have fallen – with the former Team SoloMid and Copenhagen Wolves jungler struggling alongside his fellow veterans in the EU LCS summer split. Origen now occupy the penultimate place of the EU LCS standings – the World Championships of 2015 feel like a distant memory.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

With the switch to the best-of-2 format, the EU LCS is far less clear cut than it has been in previous splits. As draws eliminate the clean differential between a victory and a loss, no one team has managed to pull ahead of the pack – an ideal opportunity it would seem for Amazing to scapegoat Origen’s issues in the summer split.

“Everyone is bad. In the EU LCS we are lacking a super team, which would serve as a model for others to try to adapt to. I think that, in comparison to the last split, Europe has improved individually but not in team play.

“Every team is trying to develop unique styles and to adjust to different opponents. There are no really dominant EU teams currently.

“This is probably the result of a poor performance by MSI G2 Esports, They did not come back with much experience. If G2 would have kept Emperor and hybrid and would have gone to the MSI without thinking of it as a holiday, today Europe would look much stronger on the international level.”

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider

Source: Imgflip
Source: Imgflip

Lets clear up a few of Amazing’s nonsensical claims: Immortals are current considered one of the NA LCS superteams, with 27 wins and 7 losses. Europe’s own G2 eSports have picked up 21 wins and just 7 losses, yet they’re not similarly considered a superteam? Realistically, out of G2’s 7 drawn series, it’s unlikely that they would have lost more than 1 or 2 of them.

Amazing appears to be in complete denial that his team sit in 9th place of the EU LCS. A superteam like TSM in EU would have done nothing to improve Origen’s situation. If you can’t even improve to compete with the supposedly inferior G2 – it’s difficult to see how the lack of an even more dominant roster would excuse Origen’s demise.

Amazing was then asked to give his opinion on the dark horses of this summers EU LCS, Giants. His response was pure sodium chloride:

“Giants work completely against everything I hold sacred. They only do short-term planning, they are lurching from the meta – victory to victory.

“In contrast to that, our goal is not depending on the meta, but to be as strong as possible at the end of the season. We lost a few games that we might have won if we’d been using their tactics.

“Nevertheless, I do not see them as a model for us. Giants are developing strategies that can bring them wins from week to week, while we are trying to work actively on our team play. I therefore assume they will be worse than us at the end of the season. Consequently, I would say we should win this week against them.”

Amazing really is the king of shit talking – his comments regarding Giants are outright disrespectful. It’s incredible to watch Amazing try to take the moral high ground on a matter such as League of Legends… there is no such ground in a competitive environment, you either win games or you don’t.

Whenever Amazing tries to justify Origen’s shoddy performances with philosophical nonsense, Origen fans just need to remind him that he’s likely to get relegated at the end of the split if he keeps it up. At least therein lies one silver lining to Amazing’s diatribe: no-one will have to listen to it for much longer when he drops down to the challenger scene, still preaching about ‘actively working on team play’.