Watch Out Ladies, Rickie Fowler Is A Single Man Again


I don’t mean to sound creepy, but I’ve been following Rickie Fowler’s Instagram account for almost a year now. It’s not so much Rickie that transfixed me, rather the images of him and his beautiful girlfriend Alexis Randock posing in exotic locations across the world.

There was something youth about Rickie and Alexis that no other golf power-couple have been able to capture. I mean, most golfers on TOUR are such duds, aren’t they?

A source of CLICKON Golf leaked the information last week that Rickie and Alexis had called it quits. To this date, we are the only site to report the news. However, Rickie’s Instagram account seems to suggest the couple have indeed called it quits.


Ready for moving day @dbchampionship after a little morning stroll in the park #BeautifulBoston

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Had to pick up some of the @puma essentials…love me some fresh kicks👟 #Boston #Newbury #PumaSuede

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Great Q&A tonight with @TigerWoods hosted by Seth Waugh and #DeutscheBank @dbchampionship #TigerHatesSelfies

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Even Tiger Woods managed to worm his way onto Rickie’s account, but no Randock.

Rickie enjoying some bro time, sans Randock.