Learn to pose like Tiger – Lets face it … it works!

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Mr. Tiger Woods wins the championship title for ultimate ladies man.

Heres 8 poses for you to perfect & help your very own ladies game!


The ‘Hey Fellas, I salsa too’ pose

t1 hey fellas



The plain and simple , (if all else fails) gun show.

t2 muscle



The ‘Im just chillin’, gazing into the distance all meaningfully, because I am a thoughtful and driven man’ pose.

t3 side



The ‘I’m going to give old spice a run for his money’ pose.

t4 oldspicedrlillianglassbodylanguageblog.files.wordpress.com


The ‘Im not posing but I so am posing’ pose.

t5 college hearthrob 



The perfected ‘duckface’ pose is usually kept soley for young teenage girls. Nevertheless our very own tiger is giving it all hes got. Ladies, The ‘Pucker up’ pose.

t6 pucker up



One of my personal favourites. The ‘I’m a nice guy & would never cheat’ pose. That smiles a killer!




Finally, the one that gets all us ladies. ‘I’m a true man and am not afraid of my emotions’ pose.