Golf Cart Drink Driving Is On The Rise; Police Clamping Down

scilly Photograph: ARGO Images / Alamy/Alamy


Police in Scilly have issued a warning that driving a golf cart under the influence is not acceptable after a series of incidents on the island. 

Although Scilly has only nine miles of paved roads, police have been forced to issue warnings that drink-driving will not be tolerated. The stern warning by authorities came after several men were spotted on the island driving golf buggies erratically. Say what, you ask?

That’s right, locals on the island have been tearing up the roads on golf carts – a common mode of transport in Scilly. Two men were pulled over this week by Sgt. Colin Taylor who breathalyzed them before arresting them.

According to Sgt. Taylor, there have been a steep rise in drink-driving incidents with 11 arrests made in the past 18 months.

golf cart There have been fatal incidents in the United States involving golf carts.