9 Things That Have Become Extinct Since Arsenal Last Won A Title

Daniel Blazer
Daniel Blazer
Daniel Blazer
Managing Editor

The whole world and his wife were wearing these…

Livestrong band

Friends aired it’s final episode


Anchorman Hit Our Screens


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And so did Mean Girls!

2004 was clearly a vintage year for films!

Facebook Was Launched

Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

If an Arsenal fan doesn’t have a social media platform to moan on, do you even hear them?

Robin van Persie joined Arsenal

The Gunners faithful were excited by the acquisition of the feisty Dutchman for under £3million – rather amusingly, little did they know they’d end up hating the Manchester United legend.

Mobile phones

Source: C Net
Source: C Net

Nokia thought the N-Gage was going to be a success…

Eamon was top of the charts


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Remember when we all thought Eamon and Frankie were going through a very public break-up by writing smack talk songs about one another? Well, yeah, surprise, surprise, it was a PR stunt – still an absolute classic, though.

Everyone was reppin’ Von Dutch

Source: Urban Grace Magazine
Source: Urban Grace Magazine

And thought they looked cool…

So, what are you saying?

Will Wenger guide Arsenal to the title this season?