Does Rekkles Need To Follow In Febiven’s Footsteps And Leave Fnatic?

What’s the difference between a Fnatic fan and a masochist? If you were to ask the team’s AD Carry, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, he’d inform you that the two were one of the same. As Fnatic slumped to yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of potential playoffs rivals Unicorns of Love, their status as mid-table mediocrity was all but confirmed. Despite another spirited performance, team captain Rekkles was unable to pull his team through, taking to social media to express his sorrow after the match.

With three infernal drakes stacked up onto Rekkles’ Jhin, Fnatic seemed set to clinch a tight series over the Unicorns. Yet, in keeping with the team’s recent history, FNC squandered their lead and handed the victory to UOL on a silver platter. The culmination of yet another crushing defeat seemed to bring Rekkles down to rock bottom.

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To see that arguably Europe’s greatest AD Carry talent is considering an early retirement is a worrying revelation. Rekkles has been groomed into the role of a Fnatic leader from the very early stages of his career; as a player of instantly recognisable talent from an early age, he was expected to shine.

Back in 2014, a string of disappointing results for Fnatic coupled with the youngsters difficulty in adapting to the team’s situation forced Rekkles to look for a new home with the European ‘Superteam’, Alliance. It wasn’t long however, before he returned home to Fnatic and forged his role as a team captain in waiting.

Having had issues dealing with pressure in the past, especially in the face of crushing team defeats, Rekkles emerged from a depressing 2016 for Fnatic, eager to rebuild the team’s reputation:

“Missing out on Worlds was one of the saddest things I’ve had to experience.

“However, 2016 also came with a lot of growth. As I mentioned, there was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders in the beginning of the year & I think it’ll be no different moving forward, aside of the fact that I’m actually ready.

“I’m ready to make a difference, I’m ready to bring glory to Fnatic once again.”

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The loss of Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten appears to have effected Rekkles more than he initially anticipated. Not only do Fnatic miss the talent of the Dutchman, Rekkles is feeling an emotional strain without his former teammate and confidant:

The Fnatic burden is too much for a player even of Rekkles’ quality to bear. The Swede remains the one consistent player on the FNC roster, carrying the team in victories or at least coming close to breaking in defeat (of which there have been many). At this seemingly irreparable stage, perhaps the best solution would be for Rekkles to follow in the footsteps of Febiven and leave Fnatic.

Though he was previously villainized for his move away from Fnatic, few would begrudge Rekkles a fresh start given the turmoil he has experienced following the rosters collapse after the 2015 World Championship. To see the AD Carry retire would be a great shame for the European game, fans would far rather Rekkles rekindled his joy for competitive League of Legends playing under a fresh banner.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Though a reunion with Febiven would provide the perfect fan narrative, the more likely move would be for Rekkles to join the Unicorns of Love ahead of the Summer Split – particularly given the unexpected departure of Kim “Veritas” Kyoung-min at the start of the year.

The Fnatic captain would fit like a glove into the UOL setup, undoubtedly suited to the team’s current playstyle and certainly an upgrade to the serviceable – yet lacking in star quality – addition, Samuel “Samux” Fernández Fort. Whilst a move to Unicorns of Love is speculative, what can be guaranteed is that Rekkles will quit the professional scene if his current trend with Fnatic continues.

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