Rickie Fowler just broke the Internet for being single

Team U.S.A. destroyed the European Team to take home the Ryder Cup after 8 years of defeat. It wasn’t until the celebrations though, that the best picture of the weekend revealed itself.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Behold, Rickie Fowler in all of his glory.

All of the other 11 golfers who rallied together for the victory of their team, have significant others. Whether that’s a wife, fiancé, or girlfriend, Rickie is the only one on the team who went to the Ryder Cup stag.

The Internet had a field day with this picture. How could it not? This is an instant classic that will live on forever in the world of memes.

Starting things off with a zing from Mercedes, who Rickie is a brand ambassador for.

When you remember you have a Mercedes-Benz in your garage… @rickiefowler #mercedes #benz #rydercup #weare13 #USA

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Probably the most relatable photo in golf to date.

I would RT, would you?

Rickie proving the single life isn’t so bad. He may not have had someone to kiss but he did win the Ryder Cup!