CLICKON Media Announces Launch of New Esports Media Brand

The Players’ Lobby brings a whole new dimension of premium storytelling & advertising opportunities to the world of global esports. 


London, Jan. 5, 2018 — CLICKON Media today announced the launch of The Players’ Lobby, the latest string in the bow of the company’s digital network. The Players’ Lobby will take the place of CLICKON eSports, continuing to provide the outlet’s millennial audience with high-quality esports content but with an emphasis on professional player insights.

“The Players’ Lobby is a call to arms for esports’ greatest influencers – the players themselves – offering a unique opportunity to tell their stories and shape the future of their industry,” explained Jack Stelling, Head of Esports at CLICKON Media. “During a critical period for the emerging industry, the voices of those whose dedication has created the esports phenomenon should be amplified.”

With over 5 years of innovative history, The Players’ Lobby’s editorial team have a rigorous process for ensuring content is high quality and distributed across all of the relevant channels. As CLICKON Esports, the company’s articles regularly featured every month on the homepage of online esports communities and across the esports world, establishing a global fanbase. The site, now under ‘TPL’ branding continues to reach millions every month after an extremely encouraging launch phase.

The Players’ Lobby publishes first-person stories, written by esports most recognizable names, complemented by unique original video that brings esports fans closer to their favourite athletes.


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