The Players’ Lobby Catalyses Player Welfare Improvements In The Esports Industry

The Esports Media Brand Publishes Two Revelatory Articles Written By Industry Heavy Weights That Could Change The Sport Forever.  

London, Mar. 21, 2018 — Change is coming to the infrastructure of the esports industry, thanks, in part, to the written contributions of esports athletes featured on The Players’ Lobby.

Earlier this month, the site released a revelatory article written by professional League of Legends player, Andrei ‘Odoamne’ Pascu, titled ‘Under the Magnifying Glass’ which raised public awareness around the culture of gaming houses and talent agents within the esports industry.

Following the article’s release, professional esports organisations have since reacted to the piece by releasing plans to review their internal infrastructure to create better working conditions for their esports athletes. Shedding light on the problems surrounding gaming houses marked another significant breakthrough for The Players’ Lobby, which aims to provide a platform for esports professionals to speak openly about their careers.

“The Players’ Lobby is a call to arms for esports’ greatest influencers – the players themselves – offering a unique opportunity to tell their stories and shape the future of their industry,” explained Jack Stelling, Head of Esports at CLICKON Media. “During a critical period for the emerging industry, the voices of those whose dedication has created the esports phenomenon should be amplified.”

Continuing to lead the industry-wide debate, The Players’ Lobby has gone on to work directly with global esports organisation, Team Liquid and their new sponsor, Alienware, to highlight the benefits of moving away from the gaming house model, as described by League of Legends player, Jake ‘Xmithie’ Puchero.

“We are encouraged that globally-renowned esports organisations like Team Liquid are interested in working with The Players’ Lobby to support such powerful causes. Working collaboratively with Xmithie to produce his article was a truly insightful experience and will hopefully inspire other teams to follow Liquid’s lead in prioritising player welfare.”

The Players’ Lobby exclusively publishes first-person stories, written by esports’ most recognisable names, complemented by unique original video that brings esports fans closer to their favourite athletes. CLICKON Media announced the launch of The Players’ Lobby in January as the latest string in the bow of the company’s digital network. The Players’ Lobby took the place of CLICKON eSports as part of a continued effort to provide the outlet’s millennial audience with high-quality esports content but with an emphasis on professional player insights.

“The esports media landscape has become repetitive and predictable; as an esports fan myself, I grew tired of reading editorial that lacked imagination and watching interviews that lacked valuable insight. I knew that there were untold stories of interest within the esports scene and who better to tell those stories than the players themselves.”

The Players’ Lobby has made a deliberate effort to avoid match reports and the standard post-match interviews; any content that has a limited shelf-life has been cut from the site’s strategy. Instead, the site hopes to become exactly what its name entails: a community where esports professionals can openly discuss their career experiences, engage on a personal level with their ever-growing fanbase and continue to shape the future of their industry, all through high-quality editorial.

“We are extremely buoyed with the success of ‘TPL’ within the esports community,” explained Richard Wilson, CLICKON Media CEO. Our success has always been based around premium storytelling and TPL is no different. Not only is it changing the face of esports, it’s providing a missing bridge for brands to connect to the esports world, in a premium environment – led by content.”

Read the Full Article on The Players’ Lobby here: Andrei Pascu: Under the Magnifying Glass


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