General Tire Makes Waves With Andrew Cotton and CLICKON Media

CLICKON Studios, in partnership with General Tire & Initiative delivered the compelling branded partnership to raise GT awareness in UK markets through the power of storytelling.

APRIL 2018: General Tire has joined forces with RedBull big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton, as part of an original branded content partnership with London agency, CLICKON Media.

While land and sea may not seem to be the obvious combination for a tyre campaign, it is one which is fuelled with passion and energy that pushes both creative and cultural boundaries, and it works.

Having followed Andrew’s story in the media after a 50-foot wave broke his back, and nearly ended his career, CLICKON knew this was the answer to the General Tire brief for something extraordinary to be created for the UK market.

The compelling, ‘Wavemaker’ video demonstrates the spirt, determination of the extreme sportsman and his incredible journey back to health and into the water, with a little help from the GRABBER AT3 all-terrain tyres.

Richard Wilson, CEO of CLICKON, said, “General Tire is an innovative industry leader and they came to us because they wanted to take the same approach with their marketing activities. From our research at the CLICKON LABS, we know a large proportion of content simply doesn’t reach target audiences so we wanted to take the right people on a journey that would resonate and remain with them, and this is exactly what we have done.”

Benjamin Potter, Creative Director of CLICKON, added, “During ‘Wavemaker’ Andrew talks about the gritty reality of his experiences and it is his brutal honesty that meant this was an emotive, compelling campaign. In the film, he candidly shares the rough times with the smooth, talks of the highs and lows, off-road and on, and celebrates his success with the viewer as they follow him back into the surf.”

Peter Robb of General Tire, commented, “As a company we continuously strive for ultimate performance, and the idea of working with Andrew was a perfect opportunity for connecting to our ‘Anywhere is possible’ ethos. Today Consumers are bombarded with messages 24/7, so our brief for CLICKON was to cut through the noise and make an impact. They achieved this with Andrew’s story and ‘Wavemaker’, allowing people to not only feel his strength and courage but to also make a connection, this is vital for General Tire.”



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