CLICKON Media Teams Up With TedX Speaker and Mental Health Advocate, Jake Tyler

In a powerful new film launched today, Mental Health Advocate, Jake Tyler, talks candidly about how spiralling stress levels nearly led him to take his own life.

MAY 2018, LONDON: In a powerful new film launched today, Mental Health Advocate, Jake Tyler, talks candidly about how spiralling stress levels nearly led him to take his own life.

With a demanding managerial role in a popular London bar, Jake, who now admits he had been battling with depression for many years, turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with the pressures of life and numb the pain caused by his increasing stress levels.

It was only when his every waking thought focused on walking to Shoreditch station and jumping in front of a train, that he left London for good. Back in the tranquillity of his family home in the Essex countryside, he discovered that being outside and engaging in physical activity encouraged him to speak of his suffering. 

In the film, he talks of his 3000-mile walk around Britain and how this helped him share his own experiences of mental health. Jake hopes by speaking out that others can see there is hope and that the pain can ease through sharing your story. 

Richard Wilson, CEO of CLICKON MEDIA, said, “New research from the Mental Health Foundation shows almost three quarters (74%) of people have, at some point, felt so stressed they feel overwhelmed or unable to cope. This is a staggering figure and we hope that by telling Jake’s story we can reach out to some of those people and make a much-needed connection.”

He added, “We feel really privileged to be part of Jake’s work and his candid honesty really resonated with our team. As he says in the film, the mismanagement of his stress led to burnout and suicidal feelings; he isn’t alone. Thankfully he found a way forward and we hope other people who are feeling like they just can’t go on, will see hope in this film so they can move on with their lives too.”

Jake, said, “It was really important to be part of the conversation during Mental Health Awareness Week. I had a good life, a great job and things should have been brilliant for me in London, but the reality was very different.

He added, “In the end, exercise allowed me to deal with what was going on in my head and the dark clouds that had taken over my life, finally started to lift. Mental health doesn’t discriminate and can hit anyone but I don’t want others to get to the tipping point I did. If you need help, reach out to your family, a friend, or your GP, but please don’t suffer alone and in silence”

CLICKON’s Creative Director, Benjamin Potter, further commented, “CLICKON works with brands to tell compelling human stories in a new way and one that connects people using emotional messaging. Stress is a part of 21st-century life we hope that this film will identify with people who ‘get’ what Jake has been through so that connections are made and changes are seen.”

The full film can be seen on The Versed, Jake blogs on his Facebook page Black Dog Walks and more information about Mental Health Awareness Week can be found on the Mental Health Organisation’s website.

The WALK-teaser from CLICKON Media on Vimeo.

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