Storytelling Should Be At The Beating Heart Of All Advertising

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. When executed correctly, it resonates with audiences like no other form of advertising.


Reading fairy tales.

Watching cartoons.

Being part of a book club.

Talking at the water cooler on Monday morning.

Who doesn’t like a story?

Telling them, writing them, watching them, creating them; stories start at birth, they are part of the fabric of life and they bring people together.

Stories communicate messages in an emotionally impactful way and because of this, they are memorable and they resonate.  They strike a chord, give people something to identify with and they offer hope; just look at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle which was a game changer on so many levels.

At CLICKON, storytelling is at the very heart of everything we do. With year on year growth, we know it works for our clients and their target audiences, but it also builds something special within our very own storytellers.

We have seen that something magical happens to a team when they are involved with curating authentic content based on the genuine stories of people behind businesses and organisations.

By encouraging them to share their ideas during brainstorming sessions, without feeling self-conscious, we are seeing some of the most creative storyboards in years and are producing our best work ever.

If people really believe in what they are working on, they become invested in the cause and rather than just rolling out a brand message that looks nice, powerful, original content, with a purpose, is created.

Lieutenant Jesse Iwuji learned many things in the Army, how to be part of a team, how to work hard and be committed and these traits also lead to him to become a successful NASCAR driver, something not many African Americans achieve.

An insight into Jessie’s life allowed us to create a powerful, inspiring campaign with America’s Navy that captured our hearts as well as those of potential recruits and supporters. When you work with someone like Jessie, you become part of their emotional ride, you want other people to be part of it too and that is what’s so special about the stories we tell.

We love being part of projects that go so much deeper than just getting people to buy stuff. There is a really positive vibe in the studio because together we get to know the people behind brands, we find out their ‘why’, look at what has gone into creating their business and this means our emotions become invested too.

It is one thing to read a client brief, but when you watch a story like Mental Health Advocate, Jake Tyler, something is ignited inside. We really felt the rawness of his life and hope that the gritty reality of the film we produced, allowed connections be made so that other people in that desperate situation could see there was hope for them too.

While what we do isn’t rocket science, we are trying to change the face of advertising and when we leave the office, we tell family, friends and even the delivery man, about our clients. What this means is that our storytelling carries on and connections continue to be made even when our day is done.

For more information about how CLICKON can use your story to connect you to the world, get in touch and be part of the new era of advertising.

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