Does The Decline of Print Mean Publishing Is Dead?

Where is the future of audience attention heading?

There is no denying that print media is in decline with the digital explosion, changing consumer habits and a decrease in advertising revenues being at the heart of the problem. While it is inevitable that more outlets will cease to exist in the coming years, the flipside is that news is still big business and we know this because we’ve seen organic traffic reaching new highs each month on our digital site, The Versed.

While it is a challenge, we believe this is an exciting time for publishing as consumers ditch tradition and turn to alternative, trustworthy information sources where they feel valued, respected and part of a community.

Millennials are more marketing savvy then ever and the bottom line is that traditional advertising methods and platforms just don’t cut it anymore.  People aren’t interested in fake news and divisive tactics, instead they want unbiased, digital reporting that tells both sides of the story and delivers the truth, and let’s face it, that is how it should be.

While people are constantly bombarded with information and choice, on and offline, 24/7, what they are actually looking for is an emotional connection that fits with their beliefs and values.

Cheap tricks and gimmicks are old news, so for us, what is crystal clear is that real, authentic stories are more valuable than ever, and they point towards the road of not only success, but trust and credibility.

Telling a story, especially one that is new, ground breaking or involves giving back and doing good, is priceless. People not only want to hear about these stories, but they want to be a part of them too.

We work hand in hand with activists, documentarians, data scientists, journalists and influencers, and offer consumers news stories and unique angles that make them stop, read and take notice.

Mental health issues, politics and sports are still all of interest, but we recognise that these need to be told in a fresh, engaging way that leaves audiences wanting to know more, interested to find out what comes next, how they can get involved and what this means not only to their community, but the world at large.

Times have changed, and news organisations now have a greater responsibility to bring people together, to offer hope and to forge unity, and this is something we actively engage in and encourage.

We know that Millennials care about social issues, they are invested in campaigns like reducing plastic consumption, they identify with the #MeToo movement and they want the brands they are associated with, to feel the same, to actually care and take action.

As news providers we have to work to address the problems of our times not amplify them, so that readers resonate with our ideals and values and connect with us in a more authentic, real way than ever before.

We recognise the decline of print media as a real opportunity to re-shape, re-think and re-strategise the world of media. Via The Versed and Foundry Fox we are providing stories with insight, thought and clarity, not simply sending out statements that echo what is happening on social media feeds.

The future is about data fuelled content that inspires and intrigues a generation who want to be captivated and convinced by what they read and to know it is authentic and true.

We are in, are you?


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