60 Second Read: Since When Did Creative Take Second Place?

Creativity is in danger of taking second place? This shouldn’t ever be the case.

Chapter 1: Cannes 2018 Breakdown.

Your 60s Read.

Traditional creative agencies were fading even further into the background, ironic considering its a Festival of Creativity. Facebook and Google were there but operating a little more behind the scenes, the ad-tech fascination is dying and even the Daily Mail showed self-restraint.

Publicis, despite advocating a complete pullout were in fact at Cannes competing for awards and Martin Sorrell was plotting his comeback in an interview with author Ken Auletta.

The newest change is the ever growing presence of Consultancies. Accenture and Deloitte we’re out in force offering integrated services for brands.

All of this points to one concerning issue: What the hell happened to creativity?

With the rapid advancement of technology and distribution, the ‘pipework’ has been the main talking point. The obsession with distribution and data has left a serious question in the industry: Are we paying enough attention to what we’re actually putting down the pipes?

Content is triumphantly re-emerging in importance – brands need to tell stories to communicate with their consumers – the era of cheap mass advertising is coming to an end. Only the brands who have something useful to say and best in class products will continue to thrive.

The focus in 2019 should be on the idea and the creative. The pipes are only as good as the material being rammed down. Cannes Lions needs to get back to focusing on what matters. The content, NOT the pipes.


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