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We’ve been innovating with the best ways to build consumer engagement & advance storytelling.

Finding engaging ways for audiences to consume content online has always been a great challenge. In March of this year, our development team embarked on a mission to create an online interactive format that allows us to continue in our mission of telling compelling stories.

As a creative company, all of our team are given the time and space to come up with innovative ideas. In this particular case, one of our senior engineers believed there was a much better, more exciting way to tell stories online using an interactive format that can support text images, video and any other rich media across both desktop and mobile devices.

Far from being a standard WordPress article page, our new format has created a whole new way for audiences to consume either original or branded content seamlessly integrating text alongside video and rich media. CLICKON CEO, Richard Wilson comments “We’re extremely proud of our development team for coming up with such a unique and compelling format. Not only is it leading to record time on site metrics, it’s also offering a whole new dynamic for some of the worlds biggest brands to advertise against. This is one of the many ways we continue to innovate in the content and storytelling space.

The article format has been used across some of our leading brands from America’s Navy to General Tire (Continental) and is used across our network to feature original exclusive content where the user experience has to come first.


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