First Impressions Of The Formula 1 Esports Series

First FIFA, then NBA 2K, now F1 is attempting to translate it’s success as a traditional sport into the world of esports.

First FIFA, then NBA 2K, now F1 is attempting to translate it’s success as a traditional sport into the world of esports.

After announcing its entry into the esports industry with the launch of the Formula 1 esports series in September, F1 is hoping to provide a platform for fans and gamers from all over the world battle it out to uncover the best virtual F1 driver and be crowned F1 esports Series World Champion.

The F1 esports series is a partnership between Formula 1, the racing game developer, Codemasters and esports tournament organiser, Gfinity. After a successful inaugural season of F1 esports competition, the venture continues to go from strength to strength as sponsors show their support of the venture.

This week, Formula 1 esports welcomed Fanatec as an official sponsor and supplier of the F1 Esports Series, joining DHL. The two parties signed a deal that will extend until 2022.

Fanatic is understood to providing simulators for use in the fanzone and for all drivers during the 2018 season in addition to providing cockpits and seats for use in the F1 Esports Series, hosted by Gfinity.

As with every traditional sport looking to find success in esports, support from respective ambassadors often serves as a source of validation. Fernando Alonso took a direct involvement in the scene, after a deal with G2 Esports that saw Alonso’s brand attached to a new team that will participate in professional racing championships, named ‘FA Racing G2 Logitech G’.

“It is very exciting, and it is a completely new thing to discover,” said Alonso at the time of the announcement. “I think esports in other formats has been very successful but in racing, it is at the very beginning, and huge potential will come.”

F1 esports is certainly an exciting prospect, both as an esport but also with respect to its potential media content opportunities. Whether gamers with a passion for sim racers form a community substantial enough to support F1 esports remains to be seen, but if the series can continue to attract sponsors and gradually improve viewership, it may well be able to solidify itself alongside the likes of NBA 2K and FIFA in the esports space.



Formula 1 E-Sports Series, Live Semi Final.
Gfinity Arena London, UK.
Tuesday 10 October 2017.
Photo: Sam Bloxham[/caption]


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