Has Reach Reached Its Peak

In the competitive world of business, advertising and marketing campaigns have traditionally looked to ‘reach’ as a key indicator for success.

In the competitive world of business, advertising and marketing campaigns have traditionally looked to ‘reach’ as a key indicator for success.

TV viewing figures, magazine circulation figures and radio listenership have traditionally been the ‘go-to’ analysis for agencies, allowing them to tell clients how far-reaching their campaigns are. It’s no wonder that this measurement tool has been rebranded ‘vanity marketing’ in recent years.

However, does this analysis still have value in an ever-evolving media landscape? After all, today brands understand the value of targeting ‘tribes’ and creating meaningful content, that extends far beyond ‘eyeball’ reach.

The advent of technology has changed the way we consume content. The rise in mobile phone usage, social media and digital platforms has created more ways to reach more people. It has also created fragmented audiences, allowing brands to tap in to niche areas.

Facebook advertising, for instance, allows brands to really drill down to their audience profile, from where they live to their favourite hobbies. As such, marketers have the ability to finely tune campaigns based on what influences click through rates, sales figures, dwelling time and so many more valuable indicators that create a ‘call to action’.

“The opportunity is great for brands, but only those that understand how to create and measure effective content will cut through” said Richard Wilson, CEO of CLICKON Media.

That’s not, of course, to say that reach metrics don’t have their place.

The changing times are reflected in the growing services that marketing agencies today offer.  CLICKON Media is about producing high quality content, not just click-throughs and views for clients. They aim to capture an audience, get under its skin and entice them to know more about a product and as a result, take action. This was recently illustration in their ‘Face of the Fleet’ campaign, where storytelling combined with data fuelled distribution added value to deliver a tangible ROI for their partners. This is achieved by working side by side, week by week, in order to make changes to plans and adjust details to ensure the very best results are generated.

Wilson said: “Content is the buzzword for anyone in marketing. But content is only effective if its impact can be evaluated. That’s why all our campaigns have measurable outcomes – not just in reach, but in terms of brand engagement, sales, clicks, brand awareness, loyalty, traffic, growth and ‘sharability’.”

“It’s not about the number of people you reach, but the impact your content has. After all, who cares if a million people saw your campaign if it was ignored by all of them.”

As a new era in marketing dawns, brands and agencies must also grow. However, while perhaps audience reach no longer ‘wows’ on its own, it still has its place as part of the wider marketing analysis.

Wilson concludes: “It can be a necessary first step for new brands who need to reach an audience to tell them about their product. But, as a brand evolves, it should be just one of several metrics employed to understand what it truly making an impact.”


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