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Esports for beginners is a difficult topic to tackle. Simply, there is so much more to esports than is immediate apparent from the outset.

Esports for beginners is a difficult topic to tackle. Simply, there is so much more to esports than is immediate apparent from the outset. Esports is complex, but not for the reasons many newcomers to the space expect to be the major stumbling blocks – of course, it’ll certainly help if you understand the intricacies of the games and understand the language of those who play them, but fundamentally, there are a few key questions that beginners to the esports space should be asking themselves.

Firstly, when ‘trying to get into esports’, it’s important to understand that this statement is equivalent of saying you’re ‘trying to get into sports’. There are almost as many competitive esports titles as there are traditional sports, each of which has it’s own unique audience, professional teams, leagues and endemic peripheral brands. Which of these are you really looking to tap into? Each of these avenues present a wide range of exciting opportunities within the esports space, but knowing which road to pursue and where to focus your efforts is critical.

Just as in traditional sports, no two esports are exactly the same. Genres of esports, however, do exist, amongst which MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), ‘First Person Shooters’ and most recently, Battle Royales have traditionally proven most popular. Within these genres, certain esports titles can genuinely claim to be ‘global’ esports titles, whereas others rank higher in specific regional markets or amongst particular age demographics. Again, understanding beforehand exactly what it is you’re looking to get out of any venture into the esports space is important.

Though these different titles and genres can appear mind-boggling to an esports beginner, at the same time, they should highlight how exciting an opportunity esports really is. The range of players, teams and narratives present a wide range of options, nearly all of which can be finely tuned and tailored to exclusively reach some of the most illusive market demographics that exist today.

This year [2018], it is expected that brands will spend upwards of $694 million on advertising and sponsorship in esports, with growth figures suggesting that that figure will have more than doubled by 2020. Though, whilst the figures are all very encouraging, the surface of the industry is far less so for brands looking to break into the space.

Through our series of short articles, we at CLICKON Media hope to make esports a less daunting prospect for beginners, breaking down the essentials to understanding the industry – the games, the personalities that play them, the teams they play in, the tournaments they compete in, the audience who watches them and the various opportunities along the way. Esports needn’t be considered a treacherous sub-culture, accessible only to endemic brands. With the right strategy, any brand can find success in esports, from the complete beginners to the hardened esports veteran.


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