What’s Your Story?

Given that stories are very much the fabric of life, we believe that if brands want to connect with audiences on a deeper, more meaningful, long term level, then they need to be telling their stories to the world. 

The rapid growth of the internet, use of mobile devices and interaction on social media platforms means that the days of traditional advertising are officially over.

Mass mail outs, untargeted TV campaigns and billboards making empty promises no longer work, if they ever really did at all.

This doesn’t mean advertising is dead, far from it. Today, more than ever, if it is done well, it has the potential to influence the behaviour of consumers and the power to shape aspirations and reinforce values.

If brands can move away from delivering patronising monologues and making stereotypical assumptions and instead become more human and engage in conversations, they can transform the relationship between themselves and their audiences.

People, especially, millennials, want to spend money, but they are generally more savvy when it comes to who they are aligned and what they stand for.

They don’t want to be preached to by businesses and they don’t want to be lied to either.

It is no longer about needing a new pair of trainers and going to a shop and buying two sports shoes that are functional. Today, what you wear on your feet is as much about the colour and fabric of the shoes, as the values and ethics of that brand that makes them and how the consumer relates to their ethos and heritage.

The reality is, that at the heart of modern day advertising is the age-old pleasure of telling stories and if consumers don’t feel like those stories are authentic and true, they will swipe on by rather than share.

They want to be respected, they want to matter and they want to be considered by the brands they buy from and invest in.

While that stunning bag has your name written all over it, to go out and buy it and share its beauty with your friends, it needs to have more than a designer label and price tag on it, it needs a real story behind it. Just look at Kate Spade.

Stories bring brands alive, they lead to a call to action and instigate a following. Seeing authentic, genuine stories that resonate, not only make people want to know more, but if it hits a nerve with them, they will share the content via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It will be added to YouTube, written about by bloggers, filmed by vloggers and talked about by influencers and this is can be a total game changer for brands all over the world.  

CLICKON’s Creative Director, Benjamin Potter, commented, “It is no secret that audiences are consuming advertising differently and advertisers need to win the attention, and affection, of consumers who live in fast paced technology landscape and who are clued up about loaded marketing campaigns that have little depth or substance. We know that by creating content that tells stories, brands connect with audiences and that an initial spark of interest not only offers immediate short term hits but can lead to more beneficial long term results as trust is earned and loyalty is gained.”

Richard Wilson, CEO of CLICKON, added, “It might seem like a gamble for a brand to change an established marketing strategy, but we believe it is mistake not to move with the times if you want to make connections.  Consumers want to know the truth about the logos they are wearing, they want to be part of the rags to riches success stories and once you start to build a community around your brand, people will want to know more and they will get on board and stay with you.”

In an age where consumers have so much choice and control, brands need to make the conversation interesting and shareable and if they don’t then they risk their advertising, products and services, simply fading away as consumers look elsewhere for that sense of belonging and identity.


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