The Power of a Collaborative Office

With a more fluid and inclusive workspace, our entire team collaborate seamlessly, which in turn improves productivity and results.

The Power of a Collaborative Office

When you picture a typical office, what comes to mind? Juniors sitting in tiny cubicles while the management work away in swanky offices? Boardrooms filled to the brim of ‘important people’ making ‘important decisions’? At CLICKON we know these old-fashioned structures simply don’t get the best results.

With a more fluid and inclusive workspace, our entire team collaborate seamlessly, which in turn improves productivity and results.

How we do it? Welcome to CLICKON…

Open Plan Office Spaces

Opting for an open plan workspace might mean more conversations by the coffee machine, but in time this leads to stronger relationships between different members of the team as feelings of hierarchy are dispelled. With interns working side by side with Art Directors and the tech team sitting with creatives, things start to change. There is greater learning and understanding of clients, more cohesion, and people genuinely really feel a part of what is going on rather than being marginalised because of their job title or status.

Hanging Out Together  

Stepping away from your desk and brainstorming in coffee areas, chill out zones and outside spaces are key to collaborations here. Enter our Soho office and grab a coffee for creative power hour on the sofa or head outside onto our balcony for a chilled catch up while overlooking Carnaby Street. These small ways encourage collaborations and blur any lines of authority.

Flexible Working

Technology and equality are changing the workplace and both factors can lead to more collaborative practises and we’re on top of the game. Working on shared documents that everyone can see, turning to instant messaging through Slack rather than email and inputting data through the ever-so-clever power tool, Airtable, we’re always sourcing and implementing ways to streamline our workflow.

With trust in people to get on with their work, giving them flexibility and autonomy, we see a loyal team come together to work harder and smarter. This culture of collaboration truly fosters amazing results.

What Do the People Want?

At the heart of any thriving business are happy people, so get their feedback, ask what works for them, what isn’t right and see how you can change it to bring the equilibrium back and show you are about more than empty promises and your bottom line.

Make it Fun

Each member of our team offers something unique to the office… and sometimes that goes way beyond their job description. Take Ed, PR and Business development consultant, our resident DJ of the CLICKON office. He does take requests but you’ll most likely find him playing his latest “banger” from that weekends house party . Krassi, Chief Finance Officer, has taken the lead for ‘Friday Fives’: our bi-weekly friday drinks while Head of ESports Jack kicked off our new Friday morning ‘Show and Tell Breakfast’ with a mini-presentation about his trip to Brazil.

It is also important not to forget to check Slack around lunch time on Friday for our pub of the day…

Reward Collaboration

Part and parcel of great collaboration is great communication. Our monthly company updates (usually accompanied with pizza and beers) keeps everyone included in every inch of the business, with key updates from our LA offices too. Employee of the month and shout-outs are guaranteed here but come prepared as you won’t escape without giving a speech…

Richard Wilson, CEO of CLICKON Media, said, “We know that everyone in our team has something unique to offer and this is the beauty of collaborative working. Whether we are working on creative partnerships, tech issues, editorial ideas, studio designs, social media campaigns or marketing strategy, we make sure everyone who is involved, feels involved, important and valued. When it comes to our projects we work together from conception to completion and this gives a massive sense of pride and achievement which is really powerful and really shines through to our clients.”


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