Meet Lieutenant Ashley Flynn

The latest in the ‘Faces of the Fleet ‘series with America’s Navy, gets the low down on military medicine from Lieutenant Ashley Flynn from the Nurse Corps.

Nearly a decade ago, Ashley completed her nursing training but had no idea of what lay ahead of her. The country was in a recession and the situation looked bleak, which meant Ashley had to reassess her options.

With friends already flying high in the Navy, she decided to research just what a military career would entail and has never looked back.

This stark, real, emotive film shifts the focus from technology to instead, exploring the realities of working on the sidelines, saving lives and sometimes easing the final moments for those who didn’t make it, and their families too.

Ashley admits that this path hasn’t always been easy, because you are treating proud people who have gone through extremely traumatic experiences, but it is clear to see that it

is their steely determination that keeps her, and her colleagues battling to do as much as they can to save those who have put their lives on the line for others.

When the going gets tough, Ashley draws inspiration from the resilience of her fellow sailors and says, “If they can keep going, I can keep going”. This approach was certainly the case when the newly qualified Ashley worked in the Wounded Warrior unit that was home to a large number of casualties who had been badly injured while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.



At one point in the film, Ashley admits that some days she goes home and cries after seeing some of the patients who resilience and determination cuts to the bone, but in the overall scheme of things it is only too clear that she is proud to be a part of this reach tapestry of American culture.

After spending time being posted in locations as far apart as Africa and Japan, today, Lieutenant Ashley Flynn, works in the high-pressure Intensive Care Unit in Balboa, a facility the viewer soon sees is no place for the faint-hearted or work shy. While no two days, and no two patients are ever the same, what is central to running this tight ship, is a clear head, a dedication to the team and the ability to see you are a part of something bigger than you could have ever imagined.

With many patients spending their last hours in the hands of Ashley and her team of expert medics, potential recruits are given an unflinching insight into just what this job means. For the public, the Navy is all about sailors, boats and stretches of dangerous seas, but once again the Faces of the Fleet films have shown that no man is an island and it takes a team for wars to be won – both personal and professional.

Richard Wilson, CEO of CLICKON MEDIA, said, “It is an absolute honour to be working with the United States Navy, and just when you think their personnel can’t tell a more compelling story, another blast of fresh air hits us square in the face. Lieutenant Ashley Flynn is a glowing testament to just what a career in the Navy means. From the word go, she wasn’t going to let her training and hard work go to waste because of the American economy, and maybe, in some way, a situation that may have looked like a dead end, actually lead her to something far greater.”

CLICKON’s Creative Director, Benjamin Potter, added, “The overall aim of the Faces of the Fleet series is to reach out to potential Naval recruits to show them exactly what life in the military is like. There are still, today, stereotypes about the Navy and we think that Lieutenant Ashley Flynn is a fantastic role model for young medics who are looking for a challenging, rewarding career that they can grow with, rather than grow out. We are living in a volatile, ever-changing world and while there are no promises, a career in the Navy won’t let you down, and may not only lead to you saving other’s lives but making yours even better than you could have imagined” 


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