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Say hello to one of the newest faces of

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I was first introduced to the world of illustration and design when my mum, a primary school teacher, signed me up to receive a children’s book every month. It was the beautiful illustrations and colourful pages that drew me in and sparked my passion for art. As I grew up, I was captivated by big campaigns and advertisements but it wasn’t until I was trawling through the careers section of the library that I realised I could turn my love of art into a career.



In Paris, I attended Art College doing a foundation year covering everything from printing to live drawing and Art History, and, eventually got to study advertising and illustration. From here, I took up a placement at TBWA and got to work on campaigns for big clients like McDonalds and Nissan. At that time, I was reading Disruption, by Jean Marie Dru. I was totally hooked.

After overhearing a brainstorm between teams while working at TBWA who had a number of offices across the world, I got itchy feet. I wanted to be one of those people dialling in from another country, so I decided I wanted to move to America from Paris. With family in LA, I took a chance and moved. It was tough and unfortunately coincided with the financial crash of 2007-2008, which meant nowhere was hiring. In addition to this, English was not my first language,  so I decided it was best I worked on that first. I ended up studying at Citrus College, a community college in Los Angeles, to learn the language.

Off the back of that, I moved to England to give it a real go. I completed my first english speaking creative placement at VCCP, but my english was still pretty terrible. I remember not understanding a word of my first briefing. So I took up a job working in a call centre on the side of to try and get ahead.

I spent nine months at Tony Cullingham’s School of Advertising where creative tests like, “I love my hamster. Now make me want to eat it” and “Why should you never underestimate a handsome bear?” were the norm.

The course really taught me to be creative under pressure and to always come to the table with an idea. We were partnered with people who had ‘opposite brains’, so someone who was good with words was paired with someone good with images. This working relationship really prepared me for life in the office where one of the biggest challenges day-to-day is seamlessly marrying together sales and editorial teams.

Here, I won a competition which meant I got to complete a one year placement at Creature. I loved it and ended up staying for four years, working across huge projects like BFI, Abbey Road Studios x Carling, The Green Party, Adidas, Tetley, Anchor, and many more.

Now, at CLICKON as Senior Art Director, I spend time working with brands to help them to see the importance of human stories and real connections.

As I’ve grown within my role and become more senior, one of my favourite parts of the job is helping to develop the people I work with. I want to draw as much as I can from other people but have learnt the best leadership style for me is to also allow people to learn through trial and error. The only way people can truly grow is if they’re free to try different things and know better for next time.

When it comes to the future, I’d really like to work on projects which help people. My Dad was diagnosed with a motor neurone disease – the same as Stephen Hawking – and it forced me to reevaluate what I want to do in life. I love working on projects which have a purpose, which is why I was so excited to begin my time at CLICKON and focus on real human stories, and I hope to continue working on projects which feel like they’re achieving something for the greater good.

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Our new way of thinking has delivered successful partnerships with brands including RedBull, Adidas, Y&R, Americas Navy, Acer, General Tires & Microsoft.

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