CLICKON partners with Special Olympics’ Youth Mentorship Program

We opened up our LA office and welcomed 

Special Olympic students for four days…

In 2018, we were honoured to partner with Special Olympics for a series of films for their 50th Anniversary. Their renewed focus on inclusion through sport, health, youth and school engagement, plus broadening its purpose to focus on ending discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities, is inspiring.

In 2019, we’re excited to continue our partnership with Special Olympics; it’s a project close to our hearts. We’ve already kicked off the year filming for our next inspiring series – just check out this incredible behind-the-scenes shot of our director, Walker in Florida.

One of our proudest moments as an agency however, has been being able to partner with Special Olympics again, this time, for their Youth Mentorship Program.

At the end of 2018, we opened our doors to Special Olympic students to help get them excited about creating and sharing stories on the importance of inclusion through documentary filmmaking.

The 4-day intensive course gave students the opportunity to learn the basic tools they need to create their own short documentary projects in their communities. It also looked at documentary theory, pre-production, camera and lighting basics, interviewing, scene construction and editing.

Through a series of mini exercises in Los Angeles, students were prepared to take a camera kit back to their high school and create a final project under remote guidance from the CLICKON instructors.

We know that the students can now expand their role as youth leaders by passing on their knowledge, skills and equipment to younger students who are just as passionate about inclusion and storytelling as them. We are encouraging them to “pay it forward”.


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