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CLICKON launches the world’s first truly end-to-end production platform to streamline processes and manage rising costs

Today, world-class creative production company CLICKON has launched its new cloud-based platform iQ, bringing the first truly end-to-end solution to the market. It enables businesses to streamline video production management globally, while saving time and reducing costs during financially challenging times. 

CLICKON iQ is an end-to-end content production solution for businesses seeking to create and deploy content at scale with greater control, transparency and measurability. It helps teams take back control and accelerate the creative process through asset creation at scale, production transparency, faster delivery, increased cost efficiency and better integration.

“In financially tough times, technology is disrupting advertising and production for the better and we’re at the forefront of this change. Irrespective of marketing budget restrictions and the cost of living crisis, brands still need to drive sales and growth through content. At CLICKON, we’ve created a market-leading solution to help businesses through these challenging times by delivering efficiencies powered by new technology. We’re shaking up how brands make and deliver digital content at scale,” said Richard Wilson, CEO at CLICKON.

“Generally, the market is split into two camps – those still using archaic spreadsheets and those using tools so complicated you need an engineering degree to adopt. Our point of difference is speed, simplicity, sustainability and efficiency and we’re proving it with clients like Expedia & ANA Airlines time and time again,” he continued.

iQ handles asset management, approvals, publishing, real-time chat, as well as analytics and campaign tracking bringing global teams and creators together in one place. The remote production ecosystem delivers over 1,000+ vetted production partners in over 80 countries delivering quality, sustainable and high-speed content creation for brands and agencies.

Designed solely for the world of content production, iQ includes in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that offers industry-leading brand safety benefits, performance recommendations, automated tagging to save time, reduced wastage and global asset distribution.

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Key iQ functionality at launch includes: 

  • Production Workflow – International multi-team workflow management and notifications delivering end-to-end project transparency, feedback and assigned tasks. Includes frame accurate comments and annotations which saves time and increases time efficiency. Every project can be tracked from a centralised dashboard and updates monitored in real-time. 
  • Approvals & Feedback – Faster feedback with a simplified approval workflow. iQ allows teams to provide feedback and approve hundreds of digital assets quickly and efficiently. 
  • AI Performance Optimisation – Machine learning that optimises content. Teams are creating more content than ever before so need a tool that can optimise original creative as quickly as possible. Using AI, content is analysed and benchmarked against historic performance data to suggest improvements.
  • Content Safety Check – A final check to ensure content meets Quality Assurance (QA) requirements. From rights holders and logo infringement to checking for alcohol or underage children, iQ’s AI engine scans all content for items that can easily be missed by the human eye, flagging them for attention before reaching the public domain. AI scanning highlights brand safety or compliance issues to be aware of in each asset and assesses media consistently using AI to flag content issues before they go live.
  • Asset Management, Search and Sharing – Simplified asset storage and sharing. iQ’s simple but functional asset storage keeps content organised by ‘projects’ and provides simple download access for third parties and external teams. Content is transcoded into different sizes and is tagged by AI for easy searching.
  • Global distribution and end-to-end tracking across all media channels both traditional broadcast and digital platforms via partnership with ad delivery platform Peach.
  • Automation of master assets with the ability to resize, revise assets across print and film for multiple markets.
  • Customised branding for each iQ portal which integrates a specific brand look and feel.
  • Dedicated account manager and 24/7 support.

Initiated by recent brand research, CLICKON is developing a unique companion product to give global businesses complete visibility of their entire content ecosystem, which is due to be launched in early 2023. 

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