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CLICKON wins big at the 14th Annual Shorty Awards and ANA 2022 B2 Awards

The first ever technology talk show created by a brand, a TV series produced for Lenovo by marketing solutions company CLICKON has won two awards. These include Best in Show at the ANA’s 2022 B2 Awards competition (May 2022) and Business to Business at the 14th Annual Shorty Awards (May 2022). 

The groundbreaking IT show that cuts through techno-babble to engage, inform and entertain also won additional Shorty Award accolades including Silver Distinction in Branded content and Audience Honor in Business to Business. The Shorty Awards is an international awards competition honouring brands, agencies and organisations producing great work across digital and social platforms.

The series of late-night conversations cover I.T. topics that will shape our future and may just help tech leaders think differently about their roles. Starring futurist comedian, writer, and cultural critic Baratunde Thurston sitting in a garage among CIOs demystifying complex IT jargon, the after-hours tech talk show is titled Lenovo Late Night I.T. 

The series, initially designed to run on social channels, utilises a relaxed informal approach akin to friends enjoying a chat over beers in a pub. No branding was included in the programme content except its title.

The goal was to shift focus away from Lenovo being known as a PC devices company, to one that’s at the forefront of transformative technology. The long form content performed so well on social and digital platforms, the entire series has now been picked up by Bloomberg TV, just two months after it launched. It was the first time Lenovo invested in long form content and became its most successful advertising campaign globally last year. 

It generated a seven-point increase in brand consideration, 72 million views, and 300 million impressions: 70% higher than industry benchmarks. The first of its kind content format for I.T. decision makers, the series reveals a side of tech leaders never seen before and discusses complex technologies in a way anyone could understand.

“Lenovo Late Night I.T. was hugely successful with record levels of engagement and these brilliant award wins echo its popularity, quality and authenticity. Our work with Lenovo aligns perfectly to our own ethos of transforming marketing to a faster ‘always on’ approach, which captures audience attention and keeps brands front of mind,” said Benjamin Potter, CEO North America & Global Creative Director at CLICKON.

“We’re extremely excited to have won these awards and more importantly to be expanding our relationship with Lenovo. Lenovo is investing more in original digital content programmes and we’re an agile delivery partner helping them scale content output. Brands need to move faster with more efficiency and we are the perfect platform to help brand teams realise their ambitions,” said Richard Wilson, CEO at CLICKON.