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Get To Know the Real Michaela Jaé Rodriguez in Citibank’s Latest ‘Chosen Name’ Campaign

Transgender actress and Loot star features in spot produced by CLICKON

Working on year two of its successful program, CLICKON has produced Citi’s Chosen Name campaign starring Michaela Jaé Rodriguez.

Citi is committed to helping drive an equitable and inclusive culture and have announced this new feature that will enable their transgender and non-binary customers to use the name that reflects who they truly are. Account holders now have the ability to use their chosen name on credit and debit cards, a major step forward for trans and non-binary people whose legal name may not align with their true name.

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Being called by the right name makes all the difference in the world – especially for the transgender and non-binary community. It allows everyone to be who they truly are and to find power in their own voice – feeling recognized, accepted, and empowered as their true selves.

According to Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, since the launch of the initiative: “31,000 people were able to just call and change their name.” Not only is Citi making this process more accessible to cardholders but they’re making it easier to do than ever.

Rodriguez explains why having a person’s true name on their bank card is so important: “It makes life a little bit easier, it’s definitely a huge confidence boost, and more than anything, it’s affirming. It’s an affirmation, it’s validation of who you are as a person.”

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As a member of the community herself, Rodriguez knows how important a name is for trans and gender non conforming people. “We pride ourselves on people respecting our names and respecting our pronouns.

Eric Soloway, Head of Production, North America CLICKON commented: “Thank you to Citi and Peter Viento, Director, Head of Creative, global marketing at Citi for giving us this opportunity and for supporting such an important issue!