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How artificial intelligence is revolutionising the future of digital creativity

We’re seeing huge disrupting trends in the digital marketing space. Consumption of content has never been so prolific. Remote working is here to stay, sustainability is paramount and artificial intelligence (AI) is heading where humans can’t. Chat GPT anyone?

At CLICKON, we recently launched our new cloud-based platform IQ, bringing the first truly end-to-end solution to the market. Designed solely for the world of content production, IQ includes in-built AI technology that offers industry-leading brand safety benefits, performance recommendations, automated tagging to save time, reduced wastage and global asset distribution.

The AI integration helps to manage high volumes of assets, approvals, publishing, real-time chat, as well as analytics and campaign tracking bringing global teams and creators together in one place. The remote production ecosystem delivers over 1,000+ vetted production partners in over 80 countries delivering quality, sustainable and high-speed content creation for brands and agencies.

Slide 3We’ve seen success with our AI powered platform across a variety of brands from Expedia and ANA Japan to OLA and TikTok. The latter saw one of the first campaigns in collaboration with the Tate Modern to create social edits, inspired by Surrealism artists, featuring TikTok Creators. The campaign generated 1.6 million views, 15k likes and 182 comments.

IQ was the perfect tool to connect the various TikTok stakeholders together and make it easy to get everyone’s comment clearly displayed and viewable by all, without having to resort to trawling through dozens of email chains. It allowed for these social videos to be created at speed while ensuring that quality was not compromised in any way.

All of the assets were distributed across the Tate’s TikTok channels to targeted audiences. It helped engage younger audiences with the exhibition and drive footfall to the Tate Modern gallery.

So, what elements of CLICKON IQ are powered by AI? Key components include:

AI Performance Optimisation

Machine learning that optimises content. Teams are creating more content than ever before so need a tool that can optimise original creative as quickly as possible. Using AI, content is analysed and benchmarked against historic performance data to suggest improvements.

Content Safety Check

A final check to ensure content meets Quality Assurance (QA) requirements. From rights holders and logo infringement to checking for alcohol or underage children, IQ’s AI engine scans all content for items that can easily be missed by the human eye, flagging them for attention before reaching the public domain. AI scanning highlights brand safety or compliance issues to be aware of in each asset and assesses media consistently using AI to flag content issues before they go live.

Asset Management, Search and Sharing

Simplified asset storage and sharing. IQ’s simple but functional asset storage keeps content organised by ‘projects’ and provides simple download access for third parties and external teams. Content is transcoded into different sizes and is tagged by AI for easy searching.

In a digital world disrupted by AI – can you afford not to tap into its power? Perhaps now is the time for you and your business to head where humans can’t.

Richard Wilson is CEO at CLICKON. For more information visit:

Richard wilson ceo clickon

This article originally ran in Little Black Book.