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ASDA Walmart

Delivering ‘always on’ social campaigns for Asda

ClientAsda WalmartLocationEMEAShare

We were tasked with delivering ‘always on’ social campaigns for George ASDA with the goal of targeting and inspiring women over three events during the year: Valentine’s Day, international women’s day, and mothering Sunday. 

Women have a voice, each and everyone of them matter. George at ASDA gives a voice to real women. What it means to be a woman has many interpretations, it’s deeply personal. Empowerment can stand from a range of beliefs, opinions, expressions and pursuits.

At George, there is a strong belief in ‘togetherness’ and it takes its form in giving a voice to the wide spectrum view points about what womanhood actually means.

​The campaign focused on unique real-world individuals aligning to this overarching messaging – delivered across social.