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Farmers don’t have the luxury of taking a break. Their lives and livelihoods depend on an unstoppable, unbreakable work ethic. But the truth is, the rest of our livelihoods do, too.

American families need American farmers to keep going, to continue innovating, to grow and to succeed. Our collective wagons are hitched to their success.

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John Deere do everything they can to support America’s farming families – through the latest tools and technology, through support and through raising money.

Together with Farm Rescue, we will honor the grit and tenacity of our farmers. Creating films and content moments provides a well needed reprieve and presents an opportunity to unite individuals around a good cause playing a small (or big) part in helping our local farm heroes. All proceeds raised will go directly to Farm Rescue.

Because the farm must go on.


- Multiple long-form hero films & trailers (2-3 minutes)

- Short form social assets including 16:9, 1:1, 9:16