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New Video Frontiers 10 Video and CTV Advertising’s Global Gathering

The 10th New Video Frontiers gathering of video and CTV advertisers took place earlier this month, bringing together leading industry figures from broadcasters, streaming services, brands, advertising agencies and adtech platforms all discussing the macro & micro trends driving the growth of the addressable TV ecosystem. Clickon was proud to be present and at the forefront of the discussion surrounding the future of CTV and video advertising.

With topics ranging from the agility and dynamism needed to succeed as an agency in today’s ever changing landscape to what to expect from the ESG tidal wave, the dawn of a new age of TV advertising to omnichannel media buying, the event covered a diverse range of subjects over the two days. The key theme for all those present was the future and how to appropriately prepare for it.

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The rollout of more and more CTV platforms has seen a massive shift in how audiences consume content. The morphing of television into video continues and that will have implications on how we view and measure the role of platforms like YouTube and TikTok alongside traditional TV platforms. 

Clickon’s CEO, Richard Wilson, discussed AI, VR and the Metaverse and what will usher in the next wave of video and CTV disruption on a panel with representatives from Media Monks and Omnicom. While there has been much hype around the potential of VR and the Metaverse, these are still relatively niche technologies with limited adoption rates but we need to view AI as a change that is happening as we speak, rather than something that will bring change in the future. Billed in some quarters as a “second Industrial Revolution,” the power of new technologies and the speed at which it operates is already allowing advertisers and those working within creative roles to rapidly rethink the way they work. The ability to be creative has always been a big part of what separates humans from machines, so while AI will never replace the need for humans entirely, the potential capabilities are exciting and Artificial General Intelligence could be the solution to expediting creative processes with fewer people. 

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Clickon has long recognized the potential of this technology for brands and advertisers and understands that it is not going anywhere over the coming years, only becoming increasingly more integral to our daily lives. Clickon’s suite of tech products for the creative industry are built with AI and machine learning technologies at their core, giving their products a leading edge and capabilities offered by no one else.

By harnessing the power of AI, Clickon is revolutionizing the way brands and advertisers manage their content and engage with their audiences.  Speak to Clickon today to find out more about how their technology, built by the industry for the industry, can help revolutionize your advertising strategy.