Faces of the Fleet

CLICKON Studios teamed up with Y&R to produce Faces Of The Fleet. When most people think of the Navy, they see ships, jets and advanced technology. They rarely see people, the ones who know the real meaning of Navy life.

Tomorrow Is Overrated

CLICKON Studios partnered with Uproxx Media Group and Jose Cuervo to tell the extraordinary stories of those in life that resist blandification.


CLICKON Studios teamed up with General Tire (part of Continental) to tell the inspirational story of big wave surfer Andrew Cotton who broke his back falling off a 70ft wave. Wavemaker formed part of their 'Anywhere Is Possible' campaign.

Part of the Game I

CLICKON Studios partnered with Red Bull Media House to create this groundbreaking branded Esports series. In partnership with Acer Predator, it focuses on culture, and its impact on the rise of global Esports.


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Part Of The Game II

Special Olympics: Loretta Claiborne

Special Olympics: Kate DeCotis

America’s Navy: Faces Of The Fleet

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