We lend our support to numerous initiatives close to our hearts

Pine Trees

Tree planting & carbon capture for the future

We're extremely conscious we, like many businesses, leave an impact on our planet. As part of our 2025 vision we aspire to not only to be carbon neutral in our internal and external client-facing operations - but also to be a nett promoter of carbon capture. Through initiatives in Europe, the US and across the world, our goal is to plant over 1,000,000 trees over the next five years. 

Special Olympics

There is no greater call to action that of supporting Special Olympics.  Their ongoing mission of promoting Inclusion across North America and the world should be an inspiration and call to action for us all. 

In addition to supporting Special Olympics with marketing services - we wholeheartedly subscribe to the powerful message of 'Inclusion' and are committed to helping its spread around the world - from the classrooms of America to the towns and villages of Africa. 

Loving Son
Herd of Elephants

Preserving wildlife from extinction

The exponential explosion of the human population on earth creates challenges we can't always see from our homes and place of work. Across the world and specifically Africa, incredible species are on the cusp of becoming extinct. We support numerous charities who seek to preserve wildlife and promote sustainability in these regions; with the ultimate goal of halting the tidal wave of damage mankind are inflicting on the natural world. 

'CLICKON For Good'

We're extremely conscious of our role in being able to offer our expertise and services to support incredible causes. 'CLICKON For Good' chooses specific 'on the ground' initiatives each year, voted for by our teams. Our support via donations and where possible - assistance from our experienced teams on a pro-bono basis forms a key part of who we are and acceptance of our role in promoting community and equality.