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Under Armour partners with CLICKON on original series bringing athlete stories to life

A long-term partner of Under Armour, marketing solutions company CLICKON has been helping the sports clothing brand to unearth the powerful stories behind athletes and empower the next generation of athletes through an extensive series of provocative and inspiring video series. 

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 11. 52. 31The latest campaign ‘Be The Athlete No One Saw Coming’ aims to help fuel self-confidence in youth athletes and provide new opportunities to forge their own path to greatness – no comparisons necessary.

Athletes experience comparisons everywhere concerning just about anything – their form, their record, their presence on the team. 

Combating this long-standing and increasingly toxic trend, Under Armour in partnership with CLICKON has created a series of videos sharing personal stories from a wide variety of athletes. The campaign encourages young athletes to look beyond challenges, embrace teamwork and focus on their biggest competition – the athlete in the mirror – to accomplish their dreams. 

Recent examples include:

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