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We celebrate the overachievers and the heroes, the rebels and troublemakers. We’re on a mission to flip the world of sport upside down through outrageously entertaining original content, opinion-based pieces and the latest trending news.

CLICKON is the counter culture of sport. Our goal is to speak up, speak out and speak with you about the greatest athletes and teams globally, however awesome or mental they are. We exist to bring you the most sharable breaking sports news, entertainment and videos across the social web.

We have one simple goal. To inspire sports fans across this crazy world through bold and adventurous content in the voice of our generation.

Soccer and Motorsport will soon be joining Golf in the family of CLICKON sites. Reach out to let us know the sport you want to see next. Alternatively, if you just want to grab a beer and chat, don’t hold back. We want to hear from you.